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Viovis Acropolis King of Cardboard's Journal

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1st November 2016

3:25am: Just posting
Been a while. Congratulations guys.

3rd August 2015

12:35pm: -

17th October 2014

9:05pm: obviously not updated in a while
Hopefully this won't be another one of those "hi i've moved on" posts because well, those are annoying. Then they leave it up for a bit then kill it. That's really annoying to erase history like that. Why take the time to do it? ERI is flying high with new releases, things have taken flight. Keep on flying my lost sombrero. Time will fly it again

17th January 2007

6:35pm: Hi guys i'd like to update that i'm not xoface... if you want xoface you can find him here lol xoface

I'd also like to add that I like your tie and you might like a song here, or you might not... But you can try anyway... Blueprint Lightbulb Anyway, absolutely nothing's happened at all.. Well, maybe not anything...

See like, this is between you and me, don't tell anyone,, but...



26th February 2006

3:05am: Just checking the status of PJR Dark Legends. Seeing if it's still a living reality or a forgotten mist of darkness. This is Viovis reporting live at the scene!


damnit, wrong journal.

7th January 2006

3:16am: change my mind.. i like chalk boards better than dry erase boards... ..

7th October 2005

4:48am: this journal's going.
In a short undetermined while, this LJ's going. Probably won't delete it, but I'll most possibly put it up as a friends only journal and not add any more names to the list and not update it. It'll be a great thing. It's like "hey, there's his lj, there's stuff here, it's inaccessable.." Much better solution than deleting it. Thought Viovis does look awesome.

31st July 2005

9:06pm: iodine's good.

20th February 2005

2:28am: i like green tea

31st July 2004

I posted this on poetry.com

The Gorge of Terrible Sights Sounds and A

Grooves and codes manic sounds in the air noW
Teacups and flowers eat your own sanitY
Hordes and teaspoons of lettuce say to boW
Fess up and give an explanation of vanitY

Gaurdians in your soul open your eyeS
Your own teacup says to swat your rectuM
Teaspoons and rear ends gather lieS
Put on your latex gloves and inspect uM

Does it make you want to screaM?
Feel the heat in the center of your own souL
Floating in and falling down an open streaM
You are far from reaching your selected gouL

You aren't ready for the opening procedurE
You can't even sit in a chair anymorE
Can you respond to the operation I endurE?
Realize now what things you have just torE


30th July 2004

9:58pm: last posted 08/21/2001
When Tetris is Optimized to your Life

I sit here, playing Tetris and Breakout, pondering on what is going on in the world. But that was hours ago. The fact remains that Tvetris is manipulative. Here you are, at some pace, placing pre-defined blocks onto the ground, earth, brain, or whatever you want to define it as and it just keeps going.. The thing is the blocks that go down must have a destination, and you have savoring seconds to place those objects onto the ground, in your head, in the earth. If you truely desired, you could imagine it as upside down, and things are going upwards, becoming solids, affecting what is underneath it (or over it if it is right-side up) Tetris is more than a game. This is the perspective I consider as erosion, or creating a mountain.

It is a military game come up by the russians to generate quick response and make that response second nature. Only problem about that situation is that the russians see blocks in their heads as they fight wars. Think about it.. All they see is that when they're fighting, blocks are falling down and they have to organize it. I can see why they are such a brilliant nation though.

The whole new concept i've generated from playing Tetris for 2 years straight now is that we have problems which are much bigger, and solutions that disappear the problems but, the solutions create more problems. Problems are created just as the result of birth. The problem before is that the person wasn't born, but once the person is, there's a new person or even thing out there who is a source of problems, but solutions as well.

Tetris is a definition of the life span. Life... the most simple explanation of it: The intervals of time between birth and death. Let's say I give up a game vital to my security, such as Tetris. In our mundane world that's a solution, but that brings another problem gaming withdrawls. The solution to that problem would be going back, opening up my Tetris game, indulging on it, playing it like there's no tomorrow, just to release the conflicts in my life, them going through my head as I play. The original problem is back, playing it like there is no tomorrow once again. You have to realize which is worse.

The whole thing I'm going through is that Tetris, I define as birth. From when you start the game things go smooth, slow, and you have plenty of childhood as long as you savor it.. If you become a speeder in life, however, you get more points, possibly points being popularity, money, fame, self-esteem, etc. The whole fact of the matter though is is that It is the things you have done, the lines you go through.. That you see between, that you get rid of to go down to the next one and that just going for the lines is accepting too.

There's a whole sense of style through Tetris as well. There's not much at levels or stages one, two, three, four, or five for me. When I'm at six, somehow I feel at ease, as if it is one of the nicer numbers out there, that it is my pace, see? As i was saying, it is kind of like chess, but it is more involved in the face of the ego, yet not really the interaction between two ore more people. This game is developed for the ego, and though forms of competition was made in it, Tetris for the ego alone is how it was originally distributed to be.

Scores are a variable, they can be defined as popularity, donations, cash flow, or even time. Score is the respect you earn for what you done. It is the compensation. What you do is basically collect score, just for being alive, and it could possibly be a combination of things. In the end it can be spent, and everything.

I define lines as what you've done. speeding is a quick way to earn points, however, one must know that what they accomplish counts as well. It is longitivity. It is age. We are all part of it. We is diminished, because the lines are made by one person. Maybe this person was helped out by others, but through the ego the lines done can represent anything they want. Mainly they are progress and authority

See, the whole fact of the matter is that you must reach an equillibrium. You must maintain a certain speed. You must manufacture a time. You must make many a decision. After all this, it is necessary to execute it for all it has, as long as you know you can do it. It is a big jump, but if you are prepared to face the following conflict in the eye, then you have the power to do what you want to do in your life. You have the power to decide what is what, what you want, and aim for it by looking at it in the right perspective, and make the right movements to compliment what you've done before.

What makes Tetris so versaitile is that you have the basic instinct. Consider that at level, phase, or stage one, you are nothing but a baby, or even a toddler. This is the same type of thing, slow, yet you can roam around fast. You can do it with speed, and result in making mistakes in your childhood, but they can be corrected because you are still young and have time.

Then you mature to teenager, have a little less time for decisions, making stress is at its higher moments. Self esteem goes lower in your head, and you're just placing pieces in your life meant only to impress the wrong others. Pleasing the masses just adds to the horrendous bitterness of the world, and makes it harder on the individual, performing a fake solution. Passing this stage would be a blessing, and it can be done. Teen Angst must go away.

We have moved onto adulthood, you're on your own, you must manipulate the tools you have to confront the world. Moving out? Getting a full-time job? There's a lot of building in your life you have to do, and it must be evened out to get it just right.

Middle-aged, where you face a mid-life crisis that things are too fast for their own good. Things are perfect for you, but you just can't be happy. You have good pay, good job, good promotions, good family. You have made a niche in the world that's accountable. Meanwhile, you're stuck in a room playing a game that you've played for 28 years (haha lil joke in there, Tetris fans).

Then the end is in senior citizenhood, where you're the wisest you can be. The problems is that your mind and resources are rotting as we speak. There were so many things you couldn't do before because you weren't as wise, but now you know everything. You must get on medicare if you wanna keep going in life. You must make your last words, last gifts, last farewells, as you say goodbye to birth and greetings to death.

The secret to Tetris is that at the time you don't have the pieces you want, you must form structures that go with any piece. Every piece of life must not be ignored, and if it is it will get in the way at the worst possible time. Age is defined not how far you go and how fast you go, but how much you keep going, how much style you put in it. First mentioned, age would be known as time, second would be spirit. Style and spirit are somewhat revolved around the same consideration, but keeping style throughout all your ages is the ability to continue on.

Document Copyright Brian Crouch (C) August 20-21 2001

11th April 2004

10:38pm: This is a brief entry, regarding my new demo cd:

Blueprint Lightbulb - Mono: Where Available

Enjoy, and leave all criticism here, constructive or not.. Or, don't leave feedback at all, if that's what you prefer.


5th April 2004

2:59am: Them world.
Some things about the world are very sad. But how can I be so sad when i have Vodka? I have no regrets. Hail Mother Russia!

12th December 2003

12:41am: Green Tez
I like to eat green tae. It if verhy good for me. Cross the starz to the spy spetioeahgtkldg. This is you=r life in progress as we profiguere tyhe woekrld..




Anyway, that was a prime accemple of teh exxomplishments we need to aquire in this giant beetle dome. Worry not fascist police offizer.. Your accomplice woulod agree on it..

Now, for teh term of holiday spirit.. bagh hunmvug it is wevil... EHIOTTIHOETL.. I dont dioahtdeio!!! SPOEHTIOE

And revenge for spooky donkey is great... It is now officially tea time.

I weilll high tail this place and move to kanada.. And listen to loungeact. it's a good song.. Yes it is.

20th August 2003

6:35am: 07/01/2003
Right, I was teling this all to someone, but.. Well, it was a while ago. It's all irrelevent anyway. I wasn't sure what I was getting at, but I'm sure I told her what was up.

It uhh, keeps me sane, I guess. So, have you found the stability/sanity in your life? Because I may know nothing about you, but everyone searches for sanity, I guess. I don't mean to freak people out.. I just sorta come across that way, so I mean, I dunno.. I try to sit back, eat cheese sandwiches.. Keep it sane.. Fo sho, and lay off the medieval ways.. nobody finds sanity in any of that. I have learned that one the hard way while at work when the walls start falling down and things are shattering and you're flying through walls and pondering life and death, which that's dangerous, ma'am.. I've seen it with thyne own eyes...

I have a hunch you've got the information you wanna know and decided to just leave and come back without saying "thanks" or whatnot or even "igottagoseeyoulater", and that's just mean.. LOW. Evil... But I hope you found sanity... one extra person on earth close to my age who found it before I did... Jeeze... Just wish I could get some advice to where, though!
but you don't give away such secrets casually, do you? DO YOU?

I mean, why not? It's not like I'd be able to capitalize on advice... And I know bad advice when I see it, but it be better than nothing.. Like a tooth pick and its wheels.. We shall let the whale GNORN in its cry of graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooreeeeeeee.. And like NEMO in FINDING NEMO.. FATHER WILL BE STUCK IN A WHEEL, PONdERING WHETHER OR NOT TO ------------> fffaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll.

It's all about persepepepepepctive and putting the bastard into place.. Throwing the dad all the way to point b so nemo can lose it and cry and go back to point a where it's all boring anyway....... GOOBAGOOBA GEEBA GOOBA and then the whales mate, and a kid aloft into the darkness watches all this, AND WE BEGIN TO CRY.. CLOSE CURTAIN.... hahahahahhahahahaahhaa
eet's just a bumblebee in the fooot lane of exterior castles.

It could just be the skattered brains of the c ult of the skattered breains in which the monkeys fly and call out time and the wheels or whales or whoever they refer to wonder if this is obsolete or not... Cuz it all may as well not be so... beause EVEN THE BUDDAH ONLY WAITS THREE TIMES.

Eeryone knows james dean was a cool mofo, because he had something to prove even if he didn't have the proof in front of him... Hwent in there with nothing, took th heat of the criticsm,, and finally went down to the point of taking picturez of cowz and stuff, because one day i saw a picture of a bunch of timy cowz and he was like taking their pictures, man... Taking their pictuers and stuff like that... It ruled adn rocked and the likes what what that what thatw was relevaaaaaaaaaaaaaant... FO SHO.

I once could live in a box of pizza ... I like boxes... wish i could be in a laminated future town cardboard box with a door you just punch open. I could say helllo with my cardboard carpet and cardboard studs and leers holding the roof above our heads... Hell yeah!!! It's about perspective once again, ma'am.. It's about the roof becoming one with the world and falling on our heads... But if that were to happen, it wouldn't hurt.... Why? It's only cardboard.. That's the magic of this entire ordeal.

Cardboard is creation all into its own identity, and biblically speaking, the world is made of thunder. If thunder were to meet up with some force called lightning, you could see and hear and 2 different sound projections. That's what's so great about it and stuff. What if the world was a cashew after all? Struck by lightning, the world would be black... But, the word's more dense than that.. Strike the water, get electrocuted... Strike the earth get a power outage... or just a brownout... worlds do weeeeeird stuff....

What if it's raining all day and the pipe has to be fixed? Do you repair it or stair at it? You do one or the other? Some people do both... It's what they told you to do.... So eateeioadsiaogaaalaaajojajauauoauaouadod it gooooooof i sawy....
Maybe you're not groking this... Maybe you're not understanding an ordeal of anything, but, it's about the caring of evil shoes and semi-positive thouths of deeegreeing solitairity.

because solitaire is a good game
it rocks out
especially poogle solitaire

26th July 2003

4:44am: everything is back to normal! everything is back... to normal!
Well, i guess it's all over now.. Feel somewhat more human now... After about 3 meals, everything slowly went back to normal and it's just one of those random stories.. But enough about throwing shit in here i'll regret reading again.. It's time to throw out some archaec crap i wrote at LEAST 4 1/2 years ago, if not 5! Here's one for the holiday spirit!

Frosty the Snow Man
Frosty the Snow Man was really, really, neato! He was a snow man that was made by two kids. Sometimes, people would stroll down the street sidewalks, quickly turning their heads toward the snow men builders and saying, "Woah, what a groovy snowman!"

Frosty was actually a quite groovy snowman, and also really quite cool. He had a funny Abraham Lincoln hat and a tie that looked like a tie that a phsycotic business car dealer would wear. His eyes and mouth were made of coal. The children who were making the snowman ate some coal. They died, and the snowman was never fully made.

The end, ahahahahaha

25th July 2003

7:27am: moths
I was sitting there cooking a fake quesadilla blindly as i made some pb&j and stuff, get something in my tummy.. I'm low on the damn funds and all... I take that stuff out, start eating it.. i'm wondering why it looks weird or something.. i flick it a few times and moths fall off it.. dead ones who were dumb enough to go in the pan.. man.... that just grossed me out.. fucking moths screwin up my shit..

i probably got stomach problems thanks to those bastards.. because there ain't a fuckign way a few moths are gonna stop me from eating a meal.. i made that meal.. they just tried taking it and died in the process, putting them as part of the meal.. as gross as that sounds.. But I'm not gonna let a fucking moth call keeps on my cheese-filled and melted tortilla... the muthafuckers.. they want a war.. they're seeking revenge, on me!

I thought i flicked most of them off the thing, there was like 3-4 and one stuck in the cheese... Now I'm just a moth eater! I didn't even figure it till the first 4 bites either.. and since i started i might as well finish what i start! goddamnit! they all... arejiatojeitoasehigosajhlkgd... So, I'm a fucking moth eater now.. Go cry about how morally corrupt I am on a new level now.. Damn all, this cruel world of mysterious things on skillets..

17th June 2003

7:26am: words to self?
I was going crazy one night because I could not sleep because there was a problem in my head where I could not let go of what I was thinking.. after about 28 consecutive hours, it should be easy, but it's not.. Anyhow, an hour later, I feel asleep, writing a note to myself about why I may need therapy for such a problem..

Words to self?

I do not recall the "craving" to seek professional guidance or any likeness of similarity in which has given to be considered on the side of mental well-being. The question I have pursued myself is who I am really. I tend to leave this not to self in formal and of format of thyne own words.

How does one judge their own self of selves 3 considerable times an hour (if taken daily about approximately 36 times) or by chance infinitely moreso? I guess by pure chance and common knowledge that 36 is an accurate presentation of a statement such as this. Then you get the guidance around your environment, therefore changing the 3 mental judgements per hour you give yourself day by day. Even though the number I have given is definitely not a given standard for every being I have encountered, I still (once again (reassuredly)) have some sort of belief that the number I have presented is somewhat applicable.

Countless numbers of judgements whether regarding sacrifice, self improvement, or in many cases pure mental anguish are passing by us as we speak, write, work, or even sit in leisure pursuits.

Back to the opening subject, such a thing could help if chosen very carefully, and it is not too late for such a thing, at leas some offer medical solutions... and medication is good, right? ...? Well, it's a necessity in this era at least.


1st February 2003

12:00am: A Civilian's Avantages
I searched and searched through old posts reviving them for no reason so my journal looks more outdated.. it was scary.. but i finally found my afro poem

Fortune Beats (last posted 07/16/2000)
You're the guy with the afro,
You're jealous of his afro,
I said, why do you have an afro?
He just replied, I dunno, I just have an afro.

The afro ate my daughter,
My daughter lives it now.
It also ate a goldfish,
Fishbowl and all!

Where did he go now?
The afro's so cool,
People just walk by and say ~SHey man, that's a damn cool afro.~T

Well where did he get it?
He got it in Argentina.
It was a lot of money,
But it was worth the investment!

It was so great,
That he went on a vacation to Hawaii because of it.
How did it happen?
People can't help it...

Guess why he had the vacation?
They think why is this,
person talking about an afro?
It's because he has an afro it's so great.

Then he went home,
It was really cool,
I dunno,
It just was really cool!

27th January 2003

5:25pm: Poetry for the deep end.
The Smaller End Where Reality Begins

I'm drowning..
Take me out of here.
Don't you hear?
Damn lifegaurd!
No, i'm underwater,
I fell out of my kiddie float
I've been practicing being on it,
But only in front of my dresser mirror in my room.

This makes me sad.
I'm about to dye,

Maybe I'll dye,
To destroy the world's function of natural use of colors,
By using the natural product of color substitution.
I think the whole world will get mad at me,
Maybe it'll get mad and go MOO.

Maybe I'll try,
Try to escape this horrible thing we call fate,
Actually catch the float,
Or gain the knowledge of a floatation device,
Mimick its qualities,
and come back to shore,
But there's no rhyme at all, this is impossible.

Maybe I'll say bye,
Bye people,
Bye gerbil dude,
Bye guys,
Bye colleagues of my university,
Bye bye next door kitty cat who poops on my flowers,
and Bye bye Pope I'll see you in hell with me.

Maybe I'll fly,
Fly in the air,
Higher than a plane,
The atmosphere,
Even the moon,
Be the talk of the town,
Punch the lights out of a bald eagle for being so damn bald,
However I can't do that,
Fly literally doesn't rhyme with dye,

Maybe I'll just die,
Die as in go to the grave,
Be buried there first,
Meet all the dead movie stars,
I could get flowers and such as well.
But I cannot do this,
Even though die is a homophone of dye,
I can't call it rhyming literal.
This isn't true,
I can't die.

I put my feet on the concrete watery surface.
People come back in realization.
All my senses from before.
First the sounds of laughing,
Next the feeling of chills,
Then the sight of pointing,
And finally the taste and smell of chlorine.

It was pitiful,
They couldn't stop laughing at me,
My ignorance of the height of water betrays me,
My kiddie float is so cute.
Only 35.67 INCLUDING the taxation.
I'm changing the subject so back to the horror.
The age I am is only 25,
I can't consume this embarassment,
I knew out of all of this,
There had to be a purpose,
Something I was destined to do.

I could dry.
Sure it was no homophone,
Or even literal rhyme,
But it was something I had to do.
As in drip try,
Towel dry,
Dog Dry,
Sun Dry,
Shake Dry,
However I feel like doing so,
And getting the hell out of this public pool area and going home..

16th January 2003

4:18pm: Of the highest subject of the 1900s.
Shirley Temple Vs. Seattle

A woman was sitting in an apartment. It was two o'clock in the morning. This was a unfashionable day in gloominess and weather. Sure, the stars were out, but the light pollution in the city rids of this problem of seeing them. No clouds, no moon, no comet, not planet, it was just an ordinary beautiful morning in the eyes of this citizen drinking coffee and eating sausage. The place wouldn't look any more charming if it was the famous Capitol building, without the occupancy.

She screamed, witnessing the horrible, worst, most devastating event to ever happen to ruralest part of Seattle, Washington. A happy singing one-hundred twenty-five foot tall girl tap dances over a grocery store. She is making the commoners admit defeat. She is a disgruntled Shirley Temple in an area of now currently emotionally displeased community members. Touring Pianist REFUSED to sing to her like she asked him to. He said "No, you ugly tap dancing bitch with a frog up your ass." Since that imperative statement, things haven't placed themselves into basic stability. Her new hobbies don't revolve around tap dancing, smiling, or singing, but growling, pitching a fit, and flicking courageous commoners against the wall. She has made Seattle a big flame and has this highly populated city at whole stuck in trouble with her self-adhesive duct tape she found in her pocket. It is all over. The butler's dead, her parents, step parents, nobody to tell her to go to bed and wake up with a happy thought. Everyone is forced to watch an old drive-thru movie of shirley temple to the destruction of their sanity and the decomposition of their soul. In her city-land hopping attempts, only forty-nine more states to go.

13th January 2003

3:22am: If I had a disease..
If I had an illness, disease, or etc, I would probably fight it, because it was my own fault for the start of it.. However, if I had diabetes, I would probably consider commiting suicide for the first time in my life.. Seriously. Get your Beates away from my Dia. I would never be happy again. The world would be forever illed in my veins.

10th January 2003

1:01am: ugh
What's that poster doing inside of the sky?
It is a poster that represents all other posters
Not really a poster
We call it the good year blimp

The good year blimp comes in all sizes
We talk about how huge the blimp is
Blimp of power?
Or blimp of chaos?

We flow with the good year
We talk with the good year
Good year comes
And good year goes

Has there ever been a bad year?
I dunno
Has there ever been a good year?
There's at least a company

We flow with the good year
Be with the good year
And support the good year
Can we have a good year?

Or is it just another company?
Company of power
Company of seige
Company of destruction

8th January 2003

2:31am: I like food
It's some good stuff.. especially carrots.. if i had to be a vegetable, i'd be a carrot.

27th December 2002

7:48pm: To those honoured
OJ Simpson
Orange Juice!
OJ Simpson
Oh what does OJ mean?

Oggle Junior?
Orange Juice
Olga Jacob
Oh Jelly!

Dude, OJ rules
He's funny
I want a book about him
I want to see Larry King Live footage!

He ran from the law!
In this very bad truck
People loved him
They cheered him on and held signs

Dude, like it went on for hours
There was a screen saver after it
It ruled!
Damn helicopter

Then it was over
He just wanted some OJ
Meaning orange juice

He got arrested, man
He got this cool jury
Fortunate Jury
Jury of crazies I admit

The judge is wonky
He has a beard!
Blue beard
Black beard

So what does that make him?
He plays guilty?
No he's innocent!

Because he plays football
And says news and stuff
Why is he in the Orange Room?
The courthouse

The trial of the century
The trial people love
Love to see some funny man
And some serious theme song

He made people resume his innocence
He got a cool attourney
His jury was a haha!
Businessmen to Star Trek uniforms

His own theme song
Free room and board
A job in the Brown Room to stand in silence
His own TV show!

Whether or not he was guilty
His show aired on for over two years
The easiest show of his life
Whether or not he mourns

Everyone amateur on his "show" became a star
Freaky housekeeper gets famous
Random jury members too
If not they have a lifelong gloat

OJ's glove was found
His glove never fit
They found his hair in it
I mean he's thinking, "huh?"

Because the world proclaims his innocence
He's a special man
The funny beard judge says "Not Guilty"
God bless Captain OJS our sports hero of appraisal.
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